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Kilbirnie Roll Neck Sweater in Lugano
Kilbirnie Roll Neck Sweater in Lugano
Kilbirnie Roll Neck Sweater in Lugano

Kilbirnie Roll Neck Sweater in Lugano

£135.00 GBP £169.50 GBP

Size & fit

See size chart

The Kilbirnie Roll Neck Sweater in Luganois made from extra fine lambswool. Ethically sourced from the famous Geelong area of Australia. Knitted in a traditional family run factory in Scotland that is nearly 100 years old. Designed by Mr.Start to create a semi-slim fit that looks great worn with casual trousers or under a jacket. We have added this to our Essentials collection as we believe it's an essential piece of knitwear!



  • 100% natural Geelong lambswool
  • Sourced from Australia
  • Crafted in Scotland


Size Guide


Mr. Start Shirt Fit Guide

Casual Fit
Slim Fit 
Collar (Inches) Collar (cm)
SMALL 15 38
MEDIUM 15 1/2 39
15 3/4 40
LARGE 16 41
X L 16 1/2 42
17 43
X X L 17 1/2 44
18 45


The Casual Fit is designed to be a casual shirt, with no back darts, it's a roomier than our Slim fit shirt, while still having a slimming silhouette. 

Casual Fit styles include Truman, Factory and Soho, The Curtain shirt fits like a casual fit shirt, but runs by collar size in inches and centimetres.

The Slim Fit shirt fits closely to the body, which have perfected over many years to fit just right. This is created by two darts at the back of the body. 

Slim Fit styles include Ritz, Drake, Zetter and Bower.

Tie sizes:

  • Skinny - 4.75cm
  • Slim - 6cm
  • Wide - 7.5cm