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How do you wear a suit without a tie?

Posted by Philip Start on

How do you wear a suit without a tie?

So you want to wear your suit without a tie? If you think its as easy as just taking off your tie and that’s it.. think again! 

There are three main ways you can do this and they all give completely different look.


1. The first one is to just open up the top button. 

2. The second is to open up two buttons, that’s a bit racier and quite a different look.

3. The third is to do all the buttons up including the top one.


All of these options require a great shirt, not the old one that the tie used to obscure. They all also need a different kind of shirt depending what your favourite style is.

The great thing is, you can do all three if you want, depending how you feel at the time. 
The first way you just need a great classic crisp shirt with a collar that doesn’t disappear down under the collar of your suit. 
Undoing two buttons looks great but would look better with a more fashion shirt, and requires little more confidence. 
The third looks best with a soft collar and fabric that doesn’t fit too tight. It should also look more relaxed. This can be in a more casual fabric

Whichever way you choose, wear it with confidence!

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