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Wedding Suits

"Philip and his extraordinary team fitted my husband for his wedding suit. The quality and cut of the suits alongside the friendly service made Mr Start not only the best choice but the only choice for us. Thank you so much Mr Start. Best suits in London."
Your Day, Your Way.

What our customers say

"I now own 4 suits from Mr Start, including a bespoke velvet tux for my wedding. The team at Mr Start were incredible and the result is so far beyond what I could have ever imagined! Lizzie guided me through every step and throughout the process it was clear that she cared about the result every bit as much as I did. Mr Start will always be my go-to whenever I need to look my best."

Nate Linkon

"I had trousers and a shirt tailored for my wedding in Sydney. It was the most amazing day and made all the better thanks to Phillip. Seriously what a wonderful man. I only wish I could have all my clothes made by Phillip. He really did help alleviate the pressure I felt when it came to my outfit (just ask my wife) and having worn straight from the store clothes all my life the tailored fit is something else. Thanks again and I will try and find more excuses to come back. Nice to know we have matching fabric pants too. :)"

Tristan Dunk

"I ordered a tailored made suit from Mr. Start, who was attentive, helpful, impressively knowledgeable about his trade and very pleasant throughout the process. When the suit was ready it looked absolutely beautiful. I asked for a few small adjustments, which Mr. Start was very happy to make. It was a real pleasure coming to the store and talking to Mr. Start, who was always welcoming, patient and courteous; a real professional."

Yaron Peleg