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How to do Black Friday Right: a Sustainable Approach to Men’s Fashion

Posted by Philip Start on

How to do Black Friday Right: a Sustainable Approach to Men’s Fashion

Posted by Philip Start on

Black Friday, that great US shopping phenomenon, is very much a part of the UK retail calendar, and it looks like it’s staying for good whether we like it or not.

This annual festival of consumerism is often seen as being incompatible with sustainability (particularly in the world of sustainable fashion), and it’s not hard to see why. It is, after all, a day (or in Amazon’s case, a whole week...) in which people are actively encouraged to spend eye-watering amounts of money on as much stuff as they possibly can.
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The best way to make Black Friday sustainable

Can Black Friday be sustainable? Between the cheap materials used in the production of many mass-market products and clothes, the pollution caused by an increase in deliveries, and the mountains of packaging that piles up after each shopping frenzy, we’re not so sure.

We subscribe to a rather simple solution: don’t bother with Black Friday at all. Since the UK inherited Black Friday back in 2013, we’ve never taken part. Consumer habits really could do with a bit of an overhaul—our belief is that shoppers should be buying less and buying better, which is especially relevant when considering sustainable men’s fashion.

The Mr. Start approach to sustainable men’s fashion

The expression ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ applies not just to consumers, but to us as well.


And all-natural fibres are at the heart of our brand; the bulk of the fabrics we use—silk, wool, linen and cotton—in our sustainable menswear range are made up of natural fibres and reinforce the quality that we’ve become well-known for. 


Not only do they help us create quality products that our customers love, they’re more sustainable. We have practically no stock or waste material remaining at the end of each season, so we reckon we’re probably doing something right. 
Our fabrics come from mills across Britain, and most of our manufacturing is taken care of in Europe. In instances where we’ve not made a particular product ourselves, we make sure they’ve been sourced from within the UK to help cut down on transportation. Here are just a few examples:



    The ultimate finishing touch, our belts are —and always have been—made right here in London



    We love Pantherella socks, made in Leicester since 1937 using fine Egyptian cotton




    Our cufflinks are handcrafted by Philip’s brother here in the UK



    Bow tie or otherwise, our ties are made from silk woven in Suffolk, and manufactured in Tunbridge Wells



    So if you’re out shopping on Black Friday, don’t expect to find massive queues and huge discounts here. Born in 2002, Mr. Start is a Shoreditch menswear institution— if you’re looking for more on contemporary tailoring and sustainable fashion, take a look at the rest of our blog or shop the collection online.

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