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What To Wear To a Wedding...

Posted by Philip Start on

Okay, so you've been invited to a summer wedding and left it to the last minute. Haven't we all been in this situation.
I've always found, most weddings require you to wear something formal or very nearly.
One of the most important items to have as a guest at a wedding is a clean crisp white shirt. 
By their very nature white shirts can go a bit yellow after several years of wear, if they're not of good quality. So now might be the time to invest in a fine two-fold cotton shirt.
If you already have the suit then maybe a new tie and handkerchief can have the effect of pepping up your outfit.
It is best not to match them however, it can show a lack of personal imagination.
Most weddings require a tie as its also a sign of respect for the couple. 
Even if you find it wasn't required, it's easy to take off and put in your pocket, thus potential embarrassment avoided.

1. Buy a new white shirt so it always on-hand for your next event you're invited to.
2. Try wearing a tie you love and always have a handkerchief at hand.  If you are not sure how to wear one, wear a white one. 
3. Always get your suit cleaned and pressed.
4. When thinking about shoes, a black pair is usually the norm at any formal occasion. However, if you're feeling confident you can experiment with a brown or tan shoe, which can add some personality to your outfit.
5. The most important thing to remember with your wedding outfit is to wear it all with confidence. Confidence can go a long way when it comes to outfits.

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